Perspectives of Chairperson

Mo. Saeed Khan


Dear Guardians, teachers, students and well wishers with my immense chance to express glorious pleasure to write some words about Khudabagar Adarsh College (KAC). KAC established in 2069 B.C. with supports of some politician, social workers with motto of “education for women and needy students in Lumbini area”. KAC has provided tremendous opportunity to the women, poor and marginalized people for their graduation in peace zone Lumbini. Devotion and experiences of lecturers have added true beauty to the quality. KAC has supported for profession, personality and community serice skill development. It has boosted spiritual and pensive environment for the student. I’d like to ensure a pristine learning environment for the students. It is a campus with an affordable fees and non-profit. I wish this college provides valuable learning time to all genius and potential learners. At last, I wish for the best of luck and golden future in all their future attempts.